Scientific blogging with R Markdown

👋 Welcome!

I’m Maëlle, I like R, blogging and science.


Why blog?

  • Notes for future you

  • Passion for sharing?

  • Opportunities

Teaching this course is an opportunity I got from blogging but blogging is not a pyramid scheme 😉

Why create blog?

What if I don’t really want to blog regularly?

  • Have a platform to share stuff when you need to.
  • Portfolio. In particular, imagine someone recommending you for a thing.

What is a website?

  • static: HTML, CSS, JS

  • non static: more machinery on the server side

Online server somewhere.

Why Rmd for blogging?

  • Data analysis with R
  • Blogging about R
  • R as an utility tool e.g. to generate text from structured data
  • knitr supports other languages…

WHAT is a scientific Rmd blog?


I’ll list criteria so we have something to compare our adventures to.

Tech part

  • Easy way to update from Rmd without too much copy-pasting
  • Fits into your existing workflow or uses things you want to learn and invest time in
  • Code, syntax highlighting
  • Modern tooling (html5? mobile friendly?)

Science part

  • References from a .bib file
  • Easy way to cite posts?
  • Equations
  • Content. Blog about science, or stuff relevant to science&co (e.g. comparisons of way to fit and present linear models in R).

Human part

  • Accessible. Alt text, contrast. Don’t add gate-keeping to science.
  • You OWN it. Content, URL (no commercial service, no employer).
  • Allows for interactions (social media? commenting?)
  • Costs a few dollars a month at most.

Let’s go

  • distill
  • Hugo&hugodown
  • WordPress
  • Reproducibility
  • Promotion
  • Debrief

We’ll start with a tour of the course website