Hugo and hugodown

A powerful static generator, a handy WIP package


Powerful and fast static generator

Only an .exe to install 🎉


R 📦

  • An R Markdown output format

  • Handy helpers

Experimental but the best bet in my opinion.

From Rmd to website

Under the hood

graph LR; A[Rmd] --> |"R ( hugodown 📦,
downlit 📦)
& Pandoc"| B{md} B --> |"Hugo (Goldmark, Chroma)"| C[HTML]

Inspired by Emi Tanaka’s post

From Rmd to website

What you do

graph LR; A[Rmd] --> |"🔵 knit button"| B{md} B --> |"hugo build (locally or cloud)"| C[HTML]

No syntax highlighting 😑


Chroma syntax highlighting 👍


downlit syntax highlighting 😃

A meme to explain why downlit is great

Inspired by Mara Averick

hugodown syntax highlighting

  • downlit for R 🎉

  • Chroma for other languages ✨

🚠 Time for a demo!

Notes on the course website

Scientific Rmd Blog Checklist

  • R Markdown
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Modern
  • .bib
  • [?] Citation for posts (possible but custom layout)
  • Equations


Created by:

Hadley Wickham [aut, cre]

Used for, in particular.

Active development.


  • hugodown is a WIP package. One easy to use theme only at the moment, but a great one!

  • Hugo changes a lot (but hugodown helps protect your projects from that)

Further resources

Listed on the course website 📒

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