Scientific blogging with R Markdown

😭 Nearly time to say goodbye!

  • distill: perfect, not flexible

  • Hugo&hugodown: very flexible (too flexible?), changes fast, experimental R package

  • WordPress&goodpress: also flexible, even more experimental R package

What to choose

What to choose

Start by playing! Don’t commit right away.

Does any of you want to say what they’d choose and why?

True for all

  • Read the docs and follow development! 👀

  • Backup! ⚠️

Change your mind?

  • Migration tools

  • yaml, commonmark packages, etc.

  • Redirects! URLs are important. 404 page.

Have fun!

If you’re worried about blogging, find a blogging buddy to read your drafts?

Make efforts but don’t be perfectionist.

Setup is not fun

  • With R helper packages, setup is smoother

  • But in general setup = learning a new thing, hard but then you get used to it!

Regular blogging?

No you don’t have to unless you call your blog “the daily blog” or so. 😉

Only write if you enjoy it! Your blog can be a portfolio/news board only.

Tell me

  • Questions this afternoon 🙋‍♀️

  • Issues in the website repo for questions 🙋‍♀️

  • Tweets/emails to show me your websites. ⭐